The Arrival (2022) Part 5

The Arrival (2022) Part 5
The Arrival (2022) Part 5

The Arrival is an intriguing movie revolving around a rich royal kingdom with high royal influence and respect, the king who faces lots of enemies within.
Prince AlexMaleek Milton faced lots of fights with an unknown enemy which led him to an unknown land of Agabagaga. he met a beautiful princess Oledo Ekene Umenwa who he fall in love with, but will the language barre and her timidity and the royal kingdom allow him to marry his newfound love? will his fiancée Jane LizzyGold Onuwaje allow him to marry the young princess Olaedo.

The suspense in the movie will keep you watching all day.

STARRING: Eucheria Anunobi, Rita Arum, LizzyGold Onuwaje, Ekene Umenwa, Maleek Milton, Papa E, Amaechi Anaekwe

PRODUCED BY:  Alex Ifeanyi Ogbodo

DIRECTED BY: Goodnews Erico Isika

COMPANY: Kleanson Concept

YEAR: 2022

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